Denny Bellens 'AKA' Black Buddha, was born in the summer of 1980 in Bangkok, Thailand. He arrived in Belgium when he was 12 and continues to reside here, the place he is proud to call home. Music has been his passion since he was a child, he was attracted by two styles of music, The first one being, punk and the other, simply House. Already the young Buddha was talking enthusiastically about the desire to combine these two giants of music into one glorious mix. Just as an experiment, or maybe, just out of pure curiosity, it was to prove a turning point for the young Denny. However, To become member of the popular school groups, you had to have listened to one style of music only? This of course wasn't the written law, but the way he saw it he didn't have a choice.

Denny would befriend all the musicians he could, in order to find the inspiration he so desperately needed, he would need to play by these rules. Pressure from his peers and the inability to make this choice meant that Denny was totally alone in this almost unheard of musical change, but he knew that it could change, and he would one day be the one to change the face of what we know as popular music and also to create diversity into what had become a segregated music policy. For him it was ok to be attracted by so many different styles of music and create some kind of crossover. This was the message he needed to share.

However this would not prove to be easy and Denny would spend the next few years alone trying these new and radical ideas out in the privacy of his own small studio.

It was after this, that he would become fascinated with Dance, soul, and mainstream pop, he started to hear the sound that he was searching for. When he was 15, he joined his brother and other friends as they went out to clubs. This atmosphere drew him even deeper toward House and Dance songs. From that moment, he decided to become DJ.

A few years later, when he was 23, he bought a turntable from a friend. This was his real first step toward finally bringing his unique style of music to the masses. After a while, he got the break he needed an opportunity to become a DJ in Club Dodge. Denny enjoyed his small following of kids, who believed in what he was trying to do. His collection of vinyl's expanded very fast. At this time another club in the area 'Club Boccaccio' had organized a DJ Contest, Denny would not did only participate, but won this DJ Contest, practically sweeping all the dull and mundane competition away!! After winning this special event, he was contacted by Club Illusion and he became Resident DJ at Club DeLite.

In 2008 he participated the Bonzai Reworx Contest. He didn't win this one, but his remix was officially released on Bonzai Reworx. One year later, his first EP was released on Decibel NYC. Denny was starting to realize his dream, and his following were growing even stronger, this was the start of his revolution!

When Club DeLite finally closed there doors, due to whatever reason, he had more time to work on his own productions. Releasing his music this way was much harder, but he still continued. Not long ago, he contacted more active people in the industry and some interesting projects are in progress.

His only goal is to release music he loves and spread his music, his style.

With kind regards,
Denny Bellens aka dBell aka Black Buddha